Chandan De-Tan Kid's Body Wash (SANDALWOOD)

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Product Description

How to use

A child’s skin is more delicate than an adult and requires a lot of care to keep it smooth and healthy. Soaps might contain harmful substances that tend to damage the tender skin of your child. Keeping this in mind, Roots & Herbs presents Ayurvedic Natural Treatment Chandan De-Tan Kids Body Wash Ubtan which is made to replace conventional soaps. This ubtan is made using a perfect blend of flowers and herbs that offer nourishment to your child’s skin and make it healthy. This mixture of natural herbs offers the required nutrients to your child’s skin, thereby making it smooth and glowing. This ubtan cleanses, nourishes and purifies the skin of your child and makes him look more gorgeous and radiant. The Roots & Herbs Kid's Ubtan is free of harmful chemicals like parabens that might damage your child's skin.

Made Using Natural Herbs

This Kid’s Ubtan is made using natural ingredients like Shvet Chandan, Durva, Golap, Khadira, Manjistha, Nagkesar and Bawachi. It also contains herbal oils like lemon oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, sodium benzoate, sandalwood oil and rosewood oil. This blend of natural herbs proves to be very effective for your child’s skin and provides nourishment to it.

Important Characteristics:

Promotes Well-nourished Skin

One of the most important characteristics of this ubtan is that it offers a smooth and well-nourished skin to your child. This ubtan cleanses, nourishes and purifies your child’s skin which helps to offer it a smooth texture. The perfect blend of herbs used in this ubtan makes the skin glowing and healthy.

Contains No Paraben

One of the most important characteristics of this ubtan is that it does not contain any chemicals that might prove harmful to your child’s body. This ubtan is made using a perfect blend of natural ingredients that offer a smooth and healthy skin. This ubtan is free of harmful substances like parabens, silicon, synthetic colours, sulphate, alcohol or mineral oils.

Suitable For All Skin Types

When it concerns a toddler’s skin type, this ubtan from Roots & Herbs suits them all. You can use this De-Tan kid’s body ubtan on toddlers ageing up to 18 months. All you need to do is make sure that you prepare a smooth, thin paste before applying it.

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