Manjistha Face Wash for Man and Woman, Lep powder for oily skin

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Product Description

Roots & Herbs -

How to use

Show The World a Healthy Face!

Manjistha has been recognized by Ayurveda as anti-inflammatory with soothing properties and an excellent blood purifier. Helps heal damaged skin tissue while clearing dark spots. It gently washes off excess oil and grime leaving the skin soft and silky.

Roots and Herbs brings you manjistha face wash help, which is made for both men and women. It is a non-foaming face wash that removes tan and has a deep cleansing Effect.This face wash for oily skin comes with 24 months of expiry validity.

Skin Type: Oily - Combination

Application: Take adequate quantity, mix with water to form a smooth paste. Message gently on damp skin and wash off.

Organic Food for Skin.

Enjoy the combined benefits of some of the ayurvedic herbs in this Manjistha Face Wash. Manjistha is known for its skin purifying and detoxifying properties. Unlike other face washes that take away your skin's natural moisture, this face wash will restore a smooth and silky skin for you to flaunt.This herbal skin cleanser protects the skin from damage, absorbs impurities from the skin pores, and replenish skin moisture.

Unisex: This face cleanser is a unisex product, which means it is ideal to be used by both men and women

Glowing Skin

Manjistha Face wash is a mild and purifying face wash intended for everyday use all round the year. Manjistha has been recognised by Ayurveda as antiinflammatory with soothing properties and an excellent blood purifier.
This face wash packs in herbs, flowers, roots, barks blended and prepared to the right consistency.This face pack comes entirely vegan and paraben free, which means no chemicals are used in it
Ingredients: Manjistha, saunf, durba, amlaki, khus, yastimadhu, anantmul, neem oil, clove oil, sodium benzoate, rose wood oil, melaleuca oil.

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