Neem And Fennel Ubtan

Neem And Fennel Ubtan

Personal hygiene is the thing which should be of utmost importance to everyone. It should be our basic concern, as staying hygienic can ensure us a proper life. 

Roots & Herbs have taken a great initiative in this concern and is soon to launch a complete herb based and natural hair removal powder - Neem & Fennel Ubtan Instant Hair Removal Powder. This product is easy to use and has fast results. 

It has absolutely no foul odour. It has a wide range of uses starting from making the skin smooth and baby soft to removing that age-old tan. And the best part is, it clears the hard–to–remove in-grown hair and ensures finer and slower hair regrowth. This product can be used by both men and women. 

Needless to say its launch will bring about a new revolution in the world of natural and Ayurvedic skincare. 

- Akansha Modi

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I want to try this
Need hair removal for bikini area . Hv issues with other products as they leave poky hair behind

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