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Neem and Fennel Instant Hair Removal Ubtan

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Hair removal has become a norm nowadays with both men and women opting for various treatments alike for a smoother hairless skin. With this trend on the rise, one can notice the different types of hair removal options in the market, from waxing to laser hair removal there is something for everyone. However, are any of these good for your skin in the long run or does any of them come without their set of allergies and side effects? It is hard to say no. Ayurveda has given us the boon of knowledge for treating hair removal not just without side effects but helping the skin stay healthy well. Indians have been using many herbs and remedies prescribed by Ayurveda for safe and effective hair removal for years. With a blend of latest technologies one such product from the books of Ayurveda has been launched by Roots and Herbs founder Akansha Modi, the Neem and Fennel Instant Hair Removal Ubtan. Roots and herbs is a Vegan and Ayurvedic brand. They follow Ayurvedic traditions and use 100% vegan and organically grown ingredients and herbs for their products. 

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Neem And Fennel Ubtan

Neem And Fennel Ubtan

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