Shvet Chandan & Saffron Body Cleanser

$17.90 Ex Tax: $17.90

PRODUCT NAME : Invigorating Shvet Chandan & Saffron Delicate Shower Gel SKIN TYPE : ALL&nbs..

(7 reviews)

Black Sesame Oil (Pain Relief Massage)

$19.00 Ex Tax: $19.00

BENEFITS : This intensely rich & concentrated body massage oil blended with precious herbs, imme..

(6 reviews)

Carrot Seed Radiance Skin After Shower Oil

$34.90 Ex Tax: $34.90

BENEFITS :Carrot Seed After Shower Body Oil is a very rich blend of herbs, steam distilled essential..

(6 reviews)

Gotu Kola Fairing Body Wash

$16.90 Ex Tax: $16.90

BENEFITS :Gotu Kola Fairing Body wash is a SLS free non foaming cleanser. Its a powerful blend of na..

(2 reviews)

Luxurious Imperial Oudh Body Cleanser

$17.90 Ex Tax: $17.90

BENEFITS:  IMPERIAL OUDH MILD BODY CLEANSER is a blend of imperial oudhwood essential oil, pote..

(2 reviews)

Neem and Fennel Depilatory Mask

$13.90 Ex Tax: $13.90

Herbs & Minerals based Instant Hair Removal Powder SKIN TYPE: All.INGREDIENTS / ACTIVE INGREDIENTSNe..

(2 reviews)

Panchmeva Skin Body Polishing Scrub

$16.90 Ex Tax: $16.90

Helps in smoothen very rough & dry skin. Dead skin on due feet. Can be used for manicure &..

(4 reviews)

Pink Grapefruit Body Sculpting Massage Oil

$17.00 Ex Tax: $17.00

BENEFITS: Pink Grapefruit Body Sculpting Oil contains warm & enriching properties of selected he..

(2 reviews)

Tea Tree No Blemish Body Wash

$16.90 Ex Tax: $16.90

BENEFITS :Tea Tree Antiseptic Body wash is a sulphate free cleanser. Its a powerful blend of natural..

(3 reviews)

Volcanic Lava Clay & Haridra - Foaming Body Cleanser

$18.90 Ex Tax: $18.90

Quantity: 200 mLIngredients / Active Ingredients:Volcanic Clay, Haridra, Aloe Vera Juice, ..

(0 reviews)

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