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14) ROOTS & HERBS ACNE CLARIFYING TREATMENT REGIME [OILY / COMBINATION SKIN] STEP 1 MULETHI ACNE CLARIFYING UBTAN KIT [ TREATMENT FACE MASK KIT] BENEFITS: this extremely effective face mask is a rich blend of natural spices herbs, flowers & roots which are shade dried &am..
How to use NATURAL DEEP PORE FACIAL CLEANSING OIL Roots and Herbs brings you detoxifying lemongrass facial cleanser, which helps you improve t..
How To Use Because You Need Time For Yourself. Roots and Herbs brings you ayurvedic natural treatment fenugreek skin food serum and moisturizer for face and neck, which is an ideal face moisturizer for regular use. It is destined to enhance the gl..
Roots & Herbs img.img-fluid-1 { margin-left: 145px; } .col-md-6.section-dk { margin-top: 80px; } .img-fluid{ width: 100%; } .wrapper{ width: 100%; } .logo{ width: 300px; ..
Roots & Herbs .img-fluid{ width: 100%; } .wrapper{ width: 100%; } .logo{ width: 300px; margin: 40px auto; } .hdr-1{ width: 100%; padding-left: 15px; padding-bottom:..
How to use CONCERNS THE PRODUCT SOLVES:  ANTIBACTERIAL & HYDRATING TYPE (SKIN/HAIR): oily–combination WOMEN/MEN/UNISEX: unisex FREQUENCY OF USE: 2/day INGREDIENTS: lavender water (lavendula officinalis) (1.5ml), calendu..
Concerns the product solves: instant luminescent skin foaming cleanserType (skin/hair): allWomen/men/unisex : unisexFrequency of use: dailyIngredients : aloe vera juice (aloe barbadencis) 1.7ml, rose extract (rosa centifolia) 1ml, neem extract (azadiracta indica) 0.5ml, vertiver extract (desmotachya..
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