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Roots & Herbs .img-fluid{ width: 100%; } .wrapper{ width: 100%; } .logo{ width: 300px; margin: 40px auto; } .hdr-1{ width: 100%; padding-left: 15px; padding-bottom: 12px; pad..
How to use Almond Butter Is One Of The Most Nutrient Rich Ingredients That Can Be Applied On The Hair. The Potent Recipe Of Gooseberry, Neem & Methi In This Conditioner Leaves Hair soft and smooth . CONCERNS THE PRODUCT SOLVES: NOURISHING & SOFTENING MILD RECIP..
CONCERNS THE PRODUCT SOLVES: ENRICHED WITH BERRIES & HERBS HAIR OIL TYPE (SKIN/HAIR): all WOMEN/MEN/UNISEX: kids above 2 yrs. FREQUENCY OF USE: 2-3 times/week INGREDIENTS: hibiscus rosa sinensis (jabaphool) (150mg.), eclipta alba (..
How to use Wheat Germ Luxuriate Kid's After Shower Oil It’s a Pleasure Roots and herbs brings you wheat germ luxur..
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