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Country of Origin: India

Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime

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Roots & Herbs Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime (Twice/ Week)

2/Week 49 Herbs Hair Oil  [Miracle Scalp & Hair Oil]

Benefits – 49 Herbs Miracle Hair Food Is Like A Well-Balanced Nutritious Meal For The Hair & Scalp.  Its Active Herbs Like Bhringraj, Hibiscus Flower, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Triphala Are Renowned For Strengthening The Roots, Keep Hair Healthy & Shiny,Prevents Hair Breakage, Hairfall & Dandruff As Well As Improves Its Overall Texture.

Method Of Application -Take Required Quantity & Massage Gently On Scalp.  For Better Absorption Of Hair Food, Leave Preferably Overnight Or Wrap Scalp With Hot Towel For Thirty Minutes, Wash & Rinse.

2/Week Tulsi Panchang Luminous Skin Body Massage Oil  [De Tanning & Complexion Even Toning]

Benefits -This Intensely Rich & Concentrated Body Massage Oil Blended With Precious Herbs, Immediately Gets Absorbed Into The Skin, Leaving It Beautifully Toned, Supple, Firm, Fair & Glowing.  Herb Like Dhurva Is A Very Effective Complexion Enhancer, Saffron Evens Out Skin Tone, Colour & Gives The Skin A Healthy Glow.  Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Provides Essential Nourishment & Also Possesses Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Depressant Properties.

 Method Of Application -Warm Oil (Optional).  Use To Massage All Over The Body With Gently But Firm Stroke.  Leave Preferably For An Hour Before A Bath For Maximum Absorption Of Nutrients.

Daily Carrot Seed After Shower Oil  [Light Hydrating Body Serum]

Benefits -Carrot Seed After Shower Body Oil Is A Very Rich Blend Of Herbs, Steam Distilled Essential Oils & Cold Pressed Oils Like Carrot Seeds, Sweet Almond, Apricot Which Provides Nourishment, Natural Hydration As Well As Revitalizes & Improves Elasticity, While Pomegranate Tones Skin.

 Method Of Application -Use On Wet Skin In The Shower, After Cleansing, To Seal Moisture On The Body Or Pour 2 Caps Full Into Warm Bath Water.

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