- Why us? -

There is a tsunami of beauty products in the market, offering numerous choices to the consumers, from a variety of shades, textures & fragrances. The market is simply flooded with choices which further confuse the consumers.

Companies whether big or small are simply marketing their products well. Shelling out huge budgets for advertisements. Although there are many more options now for skin care, there is also a lot of confusion about what is actually good for our skin & body. Pure saffron, almonds & real milk cream cannot be poured to make creams & soaps which would make your skin beautifully glowing & fair for a price tag of Rs 25 or 50. Unfortunately millions of people whether educated or not have been fed on such notions from years now, and still fall into the trap of believing in such rubbish.

Guess it's time for people to wake-up and realise what is being offered to them. Adulterate oils with synthetic fragrance is available everywhere. Creams, lotions, shampoo etc are being manufactured with mineral oil base which is a by product of crude petroleum, synthetic fragrances & by using one or two plant extracts (in a quality which would make no difference to the product) and call it herbal, natural etc. While also adding certain harsh chemicals, to increase the shelf life & cut down the cost price, packaged in expensive oils 7 bottles to attract consumers. While the consumers overlook the contents of the products.

Our skin absorbs 60%-70% of whatever we put on it, its directly absorbed into our bloodstreams through the skin pores. While it's a further 20% major kids & toddlers. Ask any mother around the world that would they prefer to feed their kids a nutritious meal of organically grown herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc or a meal which has a recipe which sounds like this, sodium sulfonate, Discodium EDTA, Butyl carbonate, red dye # 17, synthetic perfume etc. Then well... we all definitely know the answer. Therefore, think of your beauty product as not cosmetic which you put on your body but as nourishing food. As it can load to a lot of serious diseases, ranging from allergies to birth defects to tumors to even cancers. So if you would opt to feed your skin some nourishing & nutritive cold pressed oils, stream distilled essential oils & organically grown fresh herbs & exotic Spices, then you have to be prepared to shell out some extra cost involved in making of such high quality product.

At Roots & Herbs we just don't compromise on our ingredients used for manufacturing our luxurious beauty recipes. Everything is made following the ayurvedic traditions while keeping it 100% VEGAN at our G.M.P certified factory.

So, finally it time to bid goodbye to the toxic & harsh chemicals, low quality waste material used in beauty products & welcome the choicest selection of a delightful gourmet feast for our skin & hair at Roots & Herbs.